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Katalepsy is a brutal death metal band that formed in 2003. Their brand of brutal death metal incorporates bludgeoning technical riffs at manic speeds, lots wicked blast beats and double bass, gut wrenching vocals and plenty of skull crushing slam breakdowns. Some bands they can be compared to are Disavowed, Inveracity, Inherit Disease, Malignancy, Abominable Putridity and to a slightly lesser extent Dehumanized and Skinless. Though, that doesn't mean Katalepsy are "just another brutal death metal band", they manage to incorporate elements similar to the aforementioned bands while maintaining their own identity. Their first release was a split with Barbarity, Smersh and Posthumous Blasphemer which was released in 2004. In 2007 they released their debut full length Musick Brings Injuries and the blood was spilled in the circle pits and mosh-battles all over Russia. Next year they released another split with Fleshrot and Blunt Force Trauma. This release gave the band an opportunity to do foreign invasions, the first strike was made in Swiss at Mountains of Death'08 Open Air. After that Katalepsy began to make raids over Europe. Shows and festivals in Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland became battlefields of unholy beatdowns and technical grooves. After some personal problems, the band released Your Fear is our Inhabitancy in 2008. After that, the band began a 3 week tour in Europe which left only ashes and madness. Unfortunately, soon after the band lost part of their line up but soon enough things turned around and the band got a record deal with the legendary death metal label Unique Leader Records Two years later they came out with their second full length Autopsychosis. The album was highly praised amongst brutal death metal fans and some have said that it is one of the best death metal albums to be released in the past decade. You can download their EP Triumph of Evilution, buy merchandise amongst other things on their official website:

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