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Vina Panduwinata was born in Bogor, West Java, on 6 August 1959, she was the eighth from ten children. Her father was a diplomat who was first stationed in India, but later went to West Germany from 1975 to 1979. While in Germany, she recorded an album for RCA Records entitled Java, which included four tracks; it was released in 1978.

After returning to Indonesia from Germany in 1981, Vina Panduwinata made her debut Indonesian album, "Citra Biru". The album was produced by Addie MS and featured songs written by numerous songwriters, including James F. Sundah and Dodo Zakaria; it was released on Jackson Records and Tapes. This was followed by "Citra Pesona". In 1982. Vina Panduwinata went to Thailand to perform at the Bangkok International Film Festival together with Roy Marten, Melky Goeslaw, and Dewi Yull.

In 1983 Panduwinata was invited by Chrisye to perform "Kisah Insani", a duet on Chrisye's album "Sendiri". In Chrisye's biography, Vina Panduwinata said that she was surprised and shocked by the invitation. The following year she released her third studio album, "Citra Ceria", which included the single "Di Dadaku Ada Kamu".

Two years later, Vina Panduwinata release "Burung Camar" single at the 1985 Indonesian Pop Song Festival, she went on to sing it at the World Popular Song Festival in Japan. Vina Panduwinata released several further albums, including "Cinta" (1985), "Cium Pipiku" (1987), Wow! (1989), and Rasa Sayang Itu Ada (1992).

On 8 November 2001, Vina Panduwinata performed at the Divas of Southeast Asia concert held in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta (The Biggest Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, 125.000 More Capacity) together with Indonesian singers Krisdayanti and Titi DJ, Filipino singer Kuh Ledesma, and Malaysian singers Siti Nurhaliza, Fauziah Latiff, and Sheila Majid., the concert saw Panduwinata perform a medley of four of her songs as well as a duet with Sheila Majid.

On 18 February 2006 Panduwinata held a solo concert, Viva Vina, at the Plenary Hall of the Jakarta Convention Centre. At the concert, attended by 3,000 people, she performed a set of 23 songs beginning with "Aku Makin Cinta". Wearing three costumes during the concert, beginning with a modified "kebaya" (Indonesian Traditional Dress) and ending with an Anne Avantie design, Panduwinata received a standing ovation at the end.

Three years later, Vina Panduwinata held the Fantastic Gold Vina Panduwinata to celebrate her birthday. She also donated the dress that she had worn in the Viva Vina concert to the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. In 2010 she released a collaborative album, entitled "Kekuatan Cinta" (The Power of Love), which dealt with themes of life, religion, and love.

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