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Nick and the Ovorols
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Telegraph Taboo (2013)
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Chicago, USA




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The Chicago-based foursome inject deep soul, spirited guitar-driven rock and even a bit of psychedelia into their heavy bedrock of electrified blues.

A native New Englander, Nick Peraino moved to Chicago in 1998 to pursue studies in jazz guitar at DePaul University. A strong passion for blues music was a deciding factor in choosing to attend college in Chicago.

Nick toured extensively throughout the Midwest in 2003-2004 promoting his post-college roots-rock band Nick Peraino and Blue Moon Risin'. He also wrote and produced their debut album Noisy Picks and Humbars. In 2005 he began playing alongside local Chicago underground blues legend Joanna Connor. He continued to perform locally and tour nationally with The Joanna Connor Band where they played regularly scheduled shows at Chicago’s Buddy Guy's Legends, Kingston Mines, and The House of Blues.

In 2009 Peraino was personally invited by Grammy Award winning harmonica legend Sugar Blue to join a two week tour of Europe to perform in a number of showcase events.

Nick is co-owner of Dr. Fretgood Inc. in Chicago where he repairs, designs, and builds custom guitar amplifiers. If you catch a live show you will most certainly hear him playing one of his custom boutique tube amps (Fretgood Amps).

In 2011 Peraino’s shift from sideman to frontman was realized through a shift in consciousness. A seemingly bad turn of events led to a positive shift in Peraino’s outlook on life. An unfortunate visit to the emergency room in February of 2011 led to Peraino’s diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. He came upon newfound confidence and a burning desire to become a band leader. Shortly after forming NICK and the ovorols in the late summer of 2011 he held a residence of his own at Kingston Mines from December of 2011 to April of 2012. Kingston Mines MC Frank Pellegrino is calling Nick “one of the best young, up and coming talents.” In February the band decided to record one of their weekly Wednesday night shows and the album Live at Kingston Mines was born.

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