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Eivør Pálsdóttir
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At the age of 12, Eivør had her first foreign debut as a soloist with a Faroese choir, touring Italy. Well before her foreign debut, she was a well-known musical talent in the Faroe Islands. As a young teen, she performed with local bands and musicians, but soon she became a driving force in the musical scene in the Faroes. At the age of 16, she decided to leave formal schooling behind and dedicated herself full-time to her music. She moved to Iceland to study music and voice, and soon became a famous and much sought-after artist there. Word quickly spread about this young Faroese talent and now the world beckons. What makes her so powerful? It is her unique integration of a magical voice, her inviting charisma, her consummate skill and her openness and warmth of soul. She feels as comfortable performing a country ballad or a rock song, as a classical aria or a jazz tune. One of her strongest trademarks is the a cappella rendition of old Faroese ballads or psalms, as well as and her own magical songs. They always leave the audience utterly stunned and awestruck. The magic is pervasive. Besides her own bands and solo performances, she is the first choice of many an international artist, and has performed with a variety of musicians and ensembles, including Bill Bourne, the Kasa Ensemble and the Danish Radio Big Band.

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