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Candy Flip were a British electronic band who rode the madchester wave in the early 1990s. Candy Flip were named after the slang term for the practice of taking ecstasy and LSD at the same time which fitted perfectly with the popular rave scene of the time. The band were formed by Danny Spencer (vocals, keyboards), Ric Peet (keyboards) and Kelvin Andrews (keyboards) in 1990. The band had a top three British hit with an electronic cover of the Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever in 1990. In 1991, Candy Flip released their first album, Madstock . . . The Continuing Adventures of Bubble Car Fish, which combined rave beats with synth pop strongly influenced by bands such as the Pet Shop Boys and The Beloved. A further single 'This Can Be Real' fared well on the charts, reaching the UK Top 60. The band were criticized for jumping on the Madchester bandwagon and were treated by the press as a one-hit wonder. Even so, the album received reasonable reviews when it was released. Candy Flip split up in 1992 after the English rave and baggy scene faded into history. Peet became a producer and engineer, working with bands such as the Charlatans and Six By Seven. Spencer joined Sound 5. Most recently, Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews (as Soul Mekanik) produced four songs on the recent Robbie Williams album, "Rudebox" (2006.)

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