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OK, about me...there is nothing much to say...only thing you all need to know is that currently, am an music artist (Music Producer, Rapper, Singer, Dancer)...basically entertainment, who is working hard & fighting for his dream to make it a reality & paying his bills. If you want something, you need to lose something...that's what I learnt the hard way but 'am living my dream'. !!! Am a solo artist and nobody taught me music but with time, my passion has never let me down...I have improved a lot just through hard work and trial and error. About my songs, they are mostly double meaning, psychological based and deep...they are not easy to understand coz trust me...nothings easy at all... My mission is to achieve success in entertainment & music but not through fame but my being creative and original...anyone can copy but only few create masterpiece. So, that's my mission which is considered as an impossible thing to do especially in INDIA...but what can i say...I Love challenges...!!! Want to show the world that sometimes in life, you have to follow your heart, no matter what. "life screws me hard so i screw it back harder." I love meeting new people & doing new things & am adventurous & very competitive. I am a 'gamofreak' Love video games (from 8-bit Nintendo to PS3), basketball to the streets, food & alcohol and party hard, I shall. I can die any day but I can't live without porn, love anime & animation movies. I have been inspired a lot from my elder brother & because of him, I am here. I love my family. Am passionate about doing something big in life especially in entertainment & music, so let's see...what happens. "Whatever life throws at me, am ready to take it as a real man." Anyway, I believe in love, hard work, being sincere & most importantly believing in truth...that's my way, style of living the life. I say you gotta be strong & well built to carry your loved ones.

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