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Vocals - "P.G." Andreas Haensel (since 2012) E-Guitar - Peter Pathos (since 2012) Bass - Volker Semmelmann Bagpipe, flute, wait-pipe, Vocals - Irene Gawlik Wheel fiddle, bagpipe, nyckelharpa, wait-pipe, violin - Alexander Zwingmann Drums, percussion - Robert Herold Former members: Bass - Richard Kinzel Vocals, E-Guitar - Alexander Trappe The combination of folk, metal, and also know the Middle Ages, the Franks Ignis Fatuu implement musically perfect. On her current release "Es werde Licht", they show this on a total of 13 tracks that are full of catchiness that way. Folk instruments such as flutes, hurdy-gurdy and shawm will find their place and their merits as well as hard electric guitars and drums. Even bagpipes sounding tones and a successful production rounds out the Silberling a true listening pleasure. The five musicians mastered both melodies that the wake-up call for movement, as well as those that invite you to dream. This already points to stimulate variety and this is offered not only on the album, but also within individual songs. Entry into the work makes "on the run." Fast played violins, which show duel with later onset, harder guitars in the first few minutes of the game that Ignis Fatuu white rock and has a knack for melodies that stay in your head. A break and a variety of tempo changes an inclusive guitar solo makes the song interesting. "North Wind" - one of several highlights on the album - just starts rocking and vocally reminiscent of the Böhse Onkelz. An instrumental solo in the middle of the song is able to persuade and demonstrates the playfulness of the band. Ballad is the way of "Your Star". Understated drums, violins and acoustic guitar introduce the song that starts sounding for the first time female vocals. The delicate, almost fragile-sounding voice harmonizes excellently with the charismatic male voice. Although the track increases in hardness - especially the middle part of this is that contrasts with quickness and change of tempo ballad to the real character - he never loses its emotional appeal. After the intro with flute incipient "Narrenweib" has died away again faster and no less melodic, it's back to rocking. "Longing" is characterized by rifflastigen guitars, while the female vocals shine in both the two-part singing and in the 'Solo'. With the "illusion" to create Ignis Fatuu almost give the listener a very kind, leads one hand, the bagpipe intro but mentally in the Scottish Highlands. But this illusion does not stop long, but it is harder and faster. In the verses we remain vocally here almost on a pitch. Once a completely different one enters "Dragon Rider". With drums and bagpipes one sets the rhythm and the vocals give the song with great melody seduction. Equally unusual is the quiet end of decaying, which is also a good transition to the next ballad is lonely. " This is quite something. Play initially only flutes and acoustic guitars, it is the male singer's voice in the foreground. The track undergoes increase in the duet part. Live will probably come here a few lighters are used, so the title of the album "There Be Light will be heard" quasi. Through a varied composition of the song is about his long-winded and not 6 minutes. Certainly there are powerful ballads, but here is very much potential there. "Spring dance" has the typical characteristics of a good rock songs on the Middle Ages and "Fiddler," which stands in for nothing. While not innovative, but quite ohrwurmtauglich and especially by Alexander's voice still very own. Highlights for me then form again the last three songs. "Guard Time" Therefore, since it is extremely rousing and catchy, "spell" on the grounds that it once again knows hardship and emotion and can therefore combine the title of the song come alive, and "The Night" is because he simply no longer goes out of the ear. This song alone, I could run it on repeat, without me sick to hear them. Danse Macabre has managed to once again have a band under contract, which can inspire the listener. Fans of medieval coat here should necessarily purely hear. What can I say! Not just purely listening to buy! It is worthwhile and will not be boring. Discography: 2007: 5-Track-Promo-CD (own production) 2009: Es werde Licht (Danse Macabre Records) 2011: Neue Ufer (Trollzorn)

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