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Gene Defcon
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Throw Up & Die (2005)
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Gene Defcon is your typical, everyday, average mega-genius. In the mornings he wakes to a pre-recorded loop of math equations set to the soaring sounds of Mozart. Around 11 AM he watches a videocassette of the movie "Baby Geniuses" and chews on dried fruit and exotic nuts. At noon he dons his hawk glove and stands outside his apartment waiting for a trained hawk to roost on his outstretched arm. By 1 PM he is busy composing letters to heads of state and prominent athletes. Around 2 he races around the block in a modified ice cream truck selling "energy drinks" to neighborhood children to avoid suspicion from unidentified pro-capitalist entities. About 3 PM or so, Gene power lunches with various cosmetics models and architects to discuss city beautification ideas. At 4 he retreats to his studio and crank calls random people in third world countries where they don't have caller ID yet. Around 8 he starts working on writing music. Around 8:15 he heads downtown to take in a bit of nightlife. At 9:30 he catches a late supper and passion play at the local church. By 10:20 he is MCing numbers at the local bingo hall for powerful local community members using a sophisticated system of "Bingometrics" to relay important sensitive information. At midnight he catches a set by up and coming musical talent at the local junior high teen center. My two he is at the bar catching a quick drink before last call to wind down. He is usually asleep by 2:45 AM.

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