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Oh No Not Stereo
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003 (2009)
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Fueled by passionately focused energy, Oh No Not Stereo embody all that is truly exciting about rock 'n' roll. And in just a few short years, they've amassed a catalogue of catchy--yet sincere--songs, like a pair of self-contained dynamos that simply will not be stopped, let alone slowed down. "The first misconception about Oh No Not Stereo," explains vocalist and one half of this rocking duo, Sky Nielsen, "is that we don't like stereo and we play everything in mono, or that we record in mono." Other half, Mykul Lee, is also a multifaceted multi-instrumentalist, much like his partner in this stereophonic unit. Nielsen's ear-damaging ATV accident in 1993 may have inspired the act's unique name, but the moniker was never meant to suggest they're anti-high fidelity. Formed in 2003--Lee from Oklahoma, Nielsen out of Utah--this pair immediately lit up the Los Angeles night skyline with their hard and fast, yet always melodic and original, dynamic rock 'n' roll. Taking their DIY ethic to the highest possible degree, Nielsen sings and plays nearly everything--from guitars, to keyboards, to bass--while Lee provides drums, acoustic guitars, and piano, to name but a few weapons in their combined arsenal. Having wrote, performed, produced, and released their latest collaboration, entitled 003, themselves, the duo imbedded their unique fingerprint on all aspects of the project. To put the finishing touches on this latest effort, Oh No Not Stereo also enlisted Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Anberlin) to mix the songs and Jim Wirt (Incubus) to add his studio expertise, while bringing along The Section Quartet for sophisticated strings in strategic spots. Nevertheless, the act still enrolls a touring bassist and guitarist on the road, to better transfer their studio accomplishments to concert stage in real life. From the very get-go, with the gutsy guitar riff that announces 003's opener, "Let's Get It Started," Oh No Not Stereo immediately separate themselves from other contemporary duos. These musicians are many times fast and edgy, yet always passionate and articulate. Nielsen and Lee have never seen an instrument they couldn't master, and steadfastly refuse to 'take it easy' when playing live. Whether in the studio or on stage, Oh No Not Stereo make big, bold, beautiful noise, which never fails to leave a huge and lasting impression--no matter how you experience their music.

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