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Paul Buchanan was born on April 16, 1956, in Edinburgh, Scotland, he is widely known as the frontman (vocals, guitar) of The Blue Nile.

Considering the lengthy amount of time between the Blue Nile’s first three albums, the work ethic of Buchanan is often questioned. However, his work with the Blue Nile has always been critically praised, no matter how long it took to hear them. In 1980, Buchanan formed the Blue Nile, named after Alan Moorehead’s 1962 book, with fellow Glasgow University graduates Robert Bell (bass) and Paul Joseph Moore (keyboards).

The group released its debut LP, “A Walk Across the Rooftops”, in 1984. The album’s lush, atmospheric pop was lauded in the U.K.; Buchanan’s velvety voice recalled Bryan Ferry’s silky croon and Scott Walker’s melancholy baritone. While “A Walk Across the Rooftops” earned the Blue Nile flattering reviews, the band’s modest image and refusal to perform live gave them anonymity, allowing their music to take prominence; Buchanan once wasn’t even recognized by friends in a bar to be a member of the group. After “A Walk Across the Rooftops”, the Blue Nile scored the film “Goven Ghost Story” and recorded the theme music for “Halfway to Paradise”.

Five years passed before the Blue Nile released their second album, “Hats”. In 1996, the band’s third album, “Peace at Last”, was a Top 20 hit in the U.K.

After the longest period between albums, eight years, the band released “High” in 2004. It reached number 10 on the UK Album Chart, a record high for the band. Although acoustic guitar is still present on some tracks, the overall musical sound is more reminiscent of “Hats”.
Buchanan released his first solo album, Mid Air, in 2012.

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