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I Declare War
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Seattle, Washington

Death Metal



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I Declare War is an American deathcore band from Seattle, Washington.
The band was founded in 2005. The band's name has its roots in hip-hop, as Jay-Z, on one hand, named a tour so, on the other hand,Pacewon had published a phonogram with that name. Several changes in their lineup were followed by appearances in the USA. In 2006 also the debut album What You Deserve appeared in self-disclosure. During a tour in 2007, the group came up with the band Whitechapel in contact and was close friends with them then on. In the same year also appeared on Compton Records second album Admist the Bloodshed. Whitechapel's guitarist Alex Wade convinced the band finally two years later a contract with Artery Recordings to sign, which was at that time still under construction. In this label was released in 2010 the album Malevolence. A year later, completed a self-titled album on the same label. The group consisted of bassist Brent Eaton, drummer Ryan Cox, guitarist Chris Fugate and Evan Hughes and vocalist Jamie Hanks. Hanks replaced Jonathan Huber as vocalist of I Declare War. Huber then joined death metal band Pathology. During 2013, I Declare War released that they were going to release a new album in early 2014. On February 24, 2014 the first single from the album, Quiet was release as a lyric video. I Declare War released their 5th album We Are Violent People By Nature on April 15, 2014.

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