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Onehundredhours (also known among fans as '100h', or 'the hours') are a British Christian rock band, headed by Tré Sheppard. The band initially started by accident an initial one-off gig, when Tré was asked to lead worship at a youth Cell-Church conference in 1997, which resulted in their first tour, of California after they were invited by the conference speakers. Following this, the band released 2 independent records, which sold in excess of 16,000 copies. Onehundredhours were then signed up by the Christian record label Survivor. Since then, another 2 albums have been released, assisting in the growth of the band's popularity, in the UK and also within Europe, where many tours have taken place. The Band's name comes from the average amount of free time a Christian has each week, inspired by the book 'The Other Hundred Hours' by Wyn Fountain. The process on which it works is as follows: There are 7 x 24 = 168 hours in a week If you spend 8 hours sleeping per day, this makes 7 x 8 = 56 hours per week So extracting the time spent sleeping, that leaves 112 hours a week. 12 hours is about the maximum time one can spend in church, at bible studies, or youth groups etc. That leaves 100 hours, and the band wanted to say that this doesn't need to be 100 hours without God, but instead that worship should be a lifestyle, which spans all our time.

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