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Ilhan Ersahin , musician, (date of birth 1965)

1965 'ta Sweden 't Ilhan Ersahin nature, music started quite late in life. 16 years old the first time the tenor saxophone have held, 19 years have begun to seriously study and successfully continued today laid the first seeds of a professional music career. ,

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Ilhan Erşahin, 20 'years (NewYork) decides to pursue a career in music and the famous music school Berklee 'received a scholarship from the American Story begins. "Sweden did not allow too much to the imagination. New York is different, if it comes to music in New York City 's no city can not compare" the artist also emphasizes the strength of competition in this city. Berklee Music School 's education after the Italian masters Joe Lavano to work with the artist started, then Wallace Rooney , Jeff Williams , Cameron Brown , Victor Lewis , Eddie Henderson , and Valery Ponomarev such famous names scene sharing continue his career ediyor.berkle School of Music since , in ten years, New York's competitive environment continue their efforts on behalf of musical artists who believes that, given today's products is gathering effort. He, like all talented artists, of course, more, aims to better creativity, pushing the boundaries a little more with each passing day.

Ilhan Ersahin 'in Turkey 'first foray into the scene for the holidays Bodrum is coming to the audience found a jazz club is going on. Takes center stage and Nüket Ruacan , Bookmarks iron will , Ötenel and Nezihe Yesilnil to accompany, and later in the summer holidays often to Turkey came The Marmara and Roxy in playing and the 1994 'te 4th International Akbank Jazz Festival 'in the listener and the actual meeting is performing. Then, in 1996 at 3rd International Istanbul Jazz Festival 'is playing at. , 1997 at the Eddie Henderson with the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall 's attention from the press and the audience sees is performing a concert.

According to music critic Ilhan Ersahin a promising musician. Saxophone working technique Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson with legendary as they compare. But it is a constant pursuit of creativity, he does not want to limit such parables. The music made ​​in the Turkish traditional motifs ranging from funk music and melodies that are vulnerable to all kinds of music is stressed. Everyone deeply affecting "Prayer", a composition, a product of such studies.

Ilhan Ersahin 's 1995 'ta the " She Said "in the album Ilhan Ersahin in nine itself, one Asik Veysel 's "long and winding road" has to be one composition. "She Said", which captures the artist's original sound, with acoustic structure that places naive flavors, which can be hard work managed to remain simple.

Ilhan Ersahin, "She Said" from the album, so far, " Our Song "," Home "and" Wax Poetic "and" Virgo "made four more albums.

International concerts, as well as in previous years Ilhan Ersahin Trio and "Wax Poetic" as Turkey's concerts in various cities, the artists who, last October 2001 at 11th Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul at Eric Truffaz took the stage with.

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