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El Caco
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Stoner Rock



Lillestrøm, Norway

1998 to Present...
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El Caco is an institution in the Norwegian music scene. A well kept secret for those outside Norway, a hidden treasure that we mostly kept to ourselves for more than 10 years. But no more. Time has come to show of one of our most prized possessions which is El Caco.

The band’s music is a culmination of three very talented individuals, each with a very eclectic taste in music. Inspired by the best, but never stripping themselves of their own unique identity. They have the rare ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound.

On their new album “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” El Caco push the envelope even further for what we are to expect from this band. Having explored the melodic aspects of rock and metal for more than a decade, this album shows us yet another side of this multi layered band. With an organic and natural sound the trio displays true musicianship and great song-writing skills on this 10-track album which is their definitive peak, their Opus Magna. It sounds more like a band than most other bands. A true organic unit moving fluently with the songs, expressing the underlying emotions through their instruments in a way we know from the greater bands of history.

Lyrically they set forth to explore the downside to life, both trough their own experience and observations. It is stories about people who hit a rough patch in life and keep adding fuel to the fire. People who can’t seem to stop their patterns, their diagrams of life.

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