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I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper (abbr. IWATSW) is a Finnish elektropopyhtye, which was established in 2004 in Tampere . It is published by indie companies through two full-length albums and one mini-CD about Rumba magazine named the band "The Swinger" in 2007.
Peter Pasi Viitanen made graphic communication studies, the final work of an imaginary band, whose members were cartoon characters. This package consisted of songs in addition to music, posters and album covers. The tracks received considerable attention over the internet and soon the band was asked to perform live, so it had to be right around the musicians.

They were joined by keyboardist Utu-Wind Jussila, or "Blackie Loveless" and bassist Tom Parikka, or "Nekrokitten". The concerts were used computer for future drums, but in the spring of 2007 the assembly was the drummer Antti Hietala, or "Sigmund Droid". Although the band consists of four members, Viitanen has made ​​all the recordings alone.

Name of the band I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper ( by granting. Olin teinisaatananpalvoja) refers to the fact that some of the band members are listened to as a young metal music and dressed in black clothes, so they are labeled with a small community devil worshipers . Viitanen's enthusiasm for the B-movies shows Also in the band.

The band's first release Bees & Honey - EP released Indie Jones -'s record label in 2006 . It rose to the Finnish single charts best place in 11 Their debut album Whatever Nights (2007) was a style somewhat more serious than the EP has been a hilarious pop. In early 2008 released second album, The Lemonade Ocean were back to the original style. Gaea Records by publishing the album to visit with a few pieces of the same record company Pintandwefall singer Cute Pint. The winter of 2008, the band released through the internet downloadable mini-album, Dark Business in.

The band has performed all over the Finnish clubs and festivals. It was included in Rumba magazine's "Mambo Nordico 2007" tour in conjunction with Laurila , Tero-Petri and Viola with. In addition, it has been performing in St. Petersburg, together with the Tigerbombs band and DJ Infekto with.

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