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Patrulha Do Espaço
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Chronophagia (2000)
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Here we have a child of the 70s. People who like also spacy Hard Rock from this time, will like this band. They were founded 1977, and the only surviving member of this time is today Rolando Castello Junior, only called “Junior”. Over the years he had members in his band, that came from almost all bands that are known in the Rock scene of Brazil. The album from 1985 was recorded with RIFF guitar player Pappo from Argentina, and this is the most heavy output from them. They are still active, and are a good live band. You get a really good 70s feeling when they ignite the joss sticks (and more), and the patrol starts into the space… It is fascinating how Junior plays his drums, as one of his arms was disabled after a shooting. Now he uses a very unique technique to drum. The older albums are already becoming expensive. The first 5 albums were re-released in a 3 CD box set with bonus tracks, and with nice illustrations and thick booklets. In 2001 was a 4. Part of this CD series released, which includes the album from 1993 with a lot of bonus tracks.
In the year 2003 followed a new CD Album, which is delivered in a big 7” EP single cover!

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