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Coming from Germany, Pump is one of the numerous Hard Rock acts of the German label Metal Heaven… "Breakdown To Breakthrough" is their second release and despite the title of the first track of the album "Revolution On My Mind" we're not in front of something really revolutionary.

Well, "Breakdown To Breakthrough" isn't a bad album but well on the other side the musicians didn't know how to avoid falling into all the clichés of the genre. I mean that ok, the eleven songs of "Breakdown To Breakthrough" are cool and it's not a punishment to listen to this release. There are some cool riffs the singer has a cool voice but "we heard it all before" if you see what I mean. There is absolutely nothing new on this album and except if you're a real addicted to the mellowing Hard Rock of the 80's and 90's, I don't see why you should buy this release.

It's extremely classic and not new but some songs like "Higher" have some good riffs and well the ones who like Hard Rock will probably find a bit of interested in those songs. Plus the "US Rock" spirit that you'll be able to find in some tracks like "Save Me" isn't displeasing. With its really strong and big production "Breakdown To Breakthrough" is solid but just out of date for me…

I don't know, I cannot blame this album actually, because I didn't find a lot of bad things in this release. But well it's so conventional and classic that it is a bit boring at the end. That's up to you and actually, the fact that you like this release or not will probably depend of your love of Hard Rock…

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