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Daisy Chainsaw was an English alternative rock band, active between 1989 and 1995. It originally featured KatieJane Garside as lead vocalist and lyricist on the band's early EPs and debut album, Eleventeen (1992), before her departure in 1993. The band's live performances were noted for their wild histrionics, often featuring Garside onstage drilling doll heads and drinking juice from baby bottles. Following Garside's departure, the group's second album and subsequent EPs featured Belinda Leith on vocals, until the band's breakup in 1995. Guitarist Crispin Gray and Garside would later reunite to form Queenadreena in 1999.

The band formed in 1989 after KatieJane Garside answered an advertisement placed by guitarist Crispin Gray in the music press. Their gigs included grapevines and rag dolls strewn across the stage, and Garside thrashing around in soiled gowns drinking juice from a baby bottle.
The band was successful with their "LoveSickPleasure" EP which included the hit single, "Love Your Money" - primarily due to prime time appearances on ITV's The Chart Show and Channel 4's The Word. However, they had to decline appearing on BBC TV's Top of the Pops because Garside had a throat infection. "Love Your Money" reached number 26 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1992.
Turning down an offer to be signed to Madonna's Maverick record label, they later signed to the indie label, One Little Indian. The follow-up singles "Pink Flower" (UK number 65) and "Hope Your Dreams Come True" were only moderately successful, as was their debut album Eleventeen (1992), peaking on the UK Albums Chart at number 62.
In support of Eleventeen, the band toured extensively in the United Kingdom with grunge band Mudhoney, who was supporting their new release, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991), and alternative rock band Hole, who was also supporting their debut, Pretty on the Inside (1991). Hole frontwoman Courtney Love cited KatieJane Garside as one of the "first true riot grrls" alongside herself and Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland, although none of these bands were directly associated with the riot grrl movement.
In 1993, Garside left the band and disappeared from the music scene and from the public eye. Due to her manic onstage histrionics and bizarre behavior in interviews, rumours circulated that Garside had fallen into mental illness. Garside reportedly moved to a house in the Lake District and was unheard of until 1999 when she formed Queenadreena.
Despite Garside's departure, Daisy Chainsaw released a second album in 1994, For They Know Not What They Do, with Belinda Leith on vocals, and one more EP titled "You're Gruesome" with Crispin Gray replacing Leith before splitting up.
An episode of Roseanne mentioned the band as one of Darlene Conner's favorites and revolved around the character attending one of their concerts.
After the split of Daisy Chainsaw, a band named Dizzy Q Viper was formed, made up of previous Daisy Chainsaw members, Gray, Adams and Johnson. After Dizzy Q Viper, Vapid Dolly was created, and this band was made up Dizzy Q Viper members with the addition of Hanayo as lead vocals. The new millennium saw Garside and Gray musically reuniting to form Queenadreena.

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