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Hard Resistance
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Engine of Hate (1997)
It's All Around (0)
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Hard Resistance was a relatively well-known hard-/streetcore band from Belgium, consisting of four hard-working men: Kris "Wacko" Boenders on the drums, Kris "The Trucker" Stickers on guitar, Ron "Angry Man" Bruynseels on vocals, and Pascal "de Witte" Berckvens on the bass. Their fame rested mainly on the epic track "who pays your bills?" (which appeard on their first full-length "it's all around" and on a sampler cd from their infamous record label Lost&Found), in which singer Ron angrily inquired into who pays the bills of several people (e.g. people who live in houses in hills, among other things). Another famous track from their first album is the opening track "sad reality", dealing with the Dutroux-case, containing the moving line "I wanna see a fucking tornado all around the dance floor now". Upon the release of this record, Hard Resistance were hauled as "the European [equivalent of] Sheer Terror" by the widely read Dutch heavy metal magazine "Aardschok". They further released two mini-cds ("We own the Streets" and "Psycho Tales") and another full length ("Engine of Hate", the record cover depicts a steam engine, presumably "of hate") before they split up. In july 2008, Hard Resistance gets back together and start doing reunion shows. In november 2011 they announce on their website that they are writing new material and soon will be recording. In march 2012 they sign a record deal with the brand new label STRENGHT RECORDS, founded by Roger Miret and Onno Cromag. In may the first record on that label is released, and it's Hard Resistance third full album 'Lawless and Disorder'. And it's obvious they're harder, faster and more angry than before. That same month bass player Pascal 'de witte' Berckvens leaves Hard Resistance due to hand problems which made playing almost impossible. He got replaced by Tom Bleys. In october 2012 Hard Resistance announced that they're once again writing new material.

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