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John Michael Wylie (born July 8, 1974) was a hardcore musician from Florida. He is mostly known as the founder of Morning Again and of Eulogy Recordings.

John Wylie started to gather attention when he joined Rich Thurston in the already formed Culture. He recorded Born of You, and the Split with Roosevelt, before leaving in late 1995 to form his own band, Morning Again. This band would be mostly formed of ex-Culture members, such as Damien Moyal, Steve Looker, Louie Long, and Joe Simmons. Morning Again would grow to become one of the most hardcore bands of Florida, with subjects such as vegan, straight edge and anti political matters. The band grew to get signed to many labels, leading John to want to start his own. In 1997 he founded Eulogy Recordings. The labels first two bands were Bird of Ill Omen (who were going on tour with Morning Again that year) and Red Letter Day. The label's DIY ethics also led to John founding multiple merchandise pressing companies, such as Bending Tree a shirt printing plant, Southern Noise Studio a recording studio, and even Aces High a tattoo shop. In 1998, he formed Where Fear and Weapons Meet, a hardcore punk band that traced back to the 1980s roots. After the demise of Morning Again in late 1999, he formed Until the End which was quickly signed to the recognized label Equal Vision Records. Until the End then moved to his own label, Eulogy, until their break up in September 2005. Wylie then took a break from music until 2008 when he formed Toetag. The d├ębut release is a split CDEP with Shattered Realm. Wylie is currently a member of West Palm Beach, Florida hardcore band Old Habits and also currently operates a second record label Wayward Parade and a second tattoo shop Black Rose Tattoo.

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