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Alter Self
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Seven Deadly Blessings (2013)
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Athens, Greece

Death Metal



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Alter Self were formed in Athens, Greece back in the summer of 2007 and after many line-up changes the present line-up is Andrew Geo (guitars, vocals), John Marinatos (bass), Pete Barkas (guitars) and Dominikos A. (drums). After the formation of the band, they immediately started working on original material and they entered the studio at 2008 to record their first self-financed demo/EP entitled ‘Ashes Over Eden’ which was released at February 2009 and received very good reviews from the press and audience, leading the band to a series of live shows all over Greece. After a temporary pause due to military obligations (something unavoidable in Greece) they entered the studio again in 2011 to record their first full-length album which is entitled ‘Seven Deadly Blessings’ and consists of 11 brand new songs that reflect the band’s need for evolution and open-minded expression. The style cannot be easily categorized but it could be described as a technical blend of death and thrash metal combined with a wide range of influences. Lyrically it represents the psychological expansions of everyday life’s aspects. The band recently signed a contract with NoiseHead Records and ‘Seven Deadly Blessings’ was officially released in February 2013.

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