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Airscape is a Belgian trance act composed of Johan Gielen and formerly, Sven Maes. The group also recorded as Svenson & Gielen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈsfɛn.sɔn ən ˈʝi.lə(n)]) and several other pseudonyms. The two man group dissolved in 2004, each going solo. In 2009, Airscape was revived by Johan Gielen.
The name Airscape was first used by Sven Maes for work with other producers, mostly Jos Borremans. Maes & Gielen started producing together in 1994 under the alias Body Heat. It wouldn't be until 1997 that they would resurrect the Airscape name, and until 2000 that they would become known as Svenson & Gielen.
They are known for the song "L'Esperanza", which reached the German Top 100, but are perhaps better known for their remixes, such as Sylver's "Turn the Tide", Vengaboys' "Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)", Chicane's "Halcyon", and Mythos N' DJ Cosmo's "Hymn". Their remixes have a distinctive and easily recognized style; they fade in and out looped vocals, overlay simple chord patterns on a fuzzy-sounding synthesizer, and almost always cut the bass and drums about halfway through the song to bring an ostinato to the foreground before returning to the main theme. Similar elements can be found to a lesser degree in their original music as well.
One of their most well-known remixes is that of the Delerium song "Silence", which was used as the lead single release and in the music video of the song when it was re-issued in 2000, reaching the top 3 of the UK Singles Chart.
In 2003, Maes and Gielen announced they were dissolving Airscape, each going solo. Their last track, "Sosei", was released in 2004.
In 2009, Gielen revived Airscape and released "My Love" with singer Jes.

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