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Akkezdet Phiai
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Kottazűr (2010)
Akkezdet (2005)
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Ujonc (Rookie) and Saiid started writin beats and lyrics in 1996 as HTA (Higher Tone Alliance). First lyrics were in English, then after about a year, they chose to use their mother tounge for rapping, thus the name had to be changed to Hungarian too, so the group's name was finally changed to Akkezdet Phiai (Sons of Outset) in 1999. These were the times when the first tracks were put out on demo CDs, tracks like Phasskivan, Tartsdmegatavot, Ujitanek that are now on the debut album, and some of them like Spangli Rabja and Ittvakeringy didn't make it, so they're only available in demo versions. These demos spread through the country quickly. Sometimes during this period, Streetnoyz Entertainment was founded by Fari Saiid, which will bring a new line of hiphop into Hungary in the year 2005. The demos aired a lot on the famous Rocksteady Beat Show on EstFM Radio thanx to DJ Gyoremix!, then it quickly spread out in all different versions within the underground scene. As the music spread more performances followed, and next to small hiphop clubs in the country the group also performed on big events in front of huge crowds, they opened for RZA, Masta Killa, and Tekitha on the Rza Show in Budapest 2001, had gigs on the famous Pepsi Sziget in 2003 and 20004, opened for De La Soul on the 2003 DMC World Championships in Budapest, and shared stage with Planet Asia, Declaime and several US artists. As the group became known, they were requested to make the soundtrack for dm Csaszi's "1 Het" (1 Week), which is a movie about one week of a gypsy struggling in the streets of Budapest, and which won the jury's award on the Amateur Movie Awards of Hungary in 2004, and the main track took the award for Best Soundtrack in 2004. The demo was so successful, that it was time to make a studio album, which includes most of the tracks appearing on the demos. This is how Akkezdet got into a connection with WacuumAirs label and CEO Bobakrome. After about 6 months in the studio perfecting the music, the debut album entitled Akkezdet was released on 10 April 2004. The album contains almost 80 minutes of music and was released under the first independent hiphop label in Hungary, WacuumAirs. This album was the first Hungarian album with a booklet containing all the lyrics on the cd. Tracks on Akkezdet were all produced by Saiid except for "Van Gond" (We have a problem) produced by Fari for Streetnoyz Ent., which has the infamous hook with Hungarian comedist Geza Hofi's (RIP) words about politics, and poverty. The album was mastered by Bobakrome, the cover design with the robots was made by Digital Reality. Akkezdet LP was reviewed in several magazines and webpages, and most of the time it received 9 stars out of 10, was called and "instant classic", "a milestone in the Hungarian music scene", and "the first real Hungarian hiphop". The group currently works on Ujonc's solo album, and prepares to move into the brand new Wacuum studio. More info:

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