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Das Gelbe Theater "die Blechb├╝chse", Germany, Zinnowitz (07/Jul/2019)
Chapeau Rouge, Germany, Heringsdorf (08/Jul/2019)
NaturTheater Bad Elster, Germany, Plauen (27/Jul/2019)
Freiberger Sommern├Ąchte, Schloss Freudenstein, Germany, Freiberg (31/Jul/2019)
Sommer in Altona, Germany, Hamburg (09/Aug/2019)

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Rainald Grebe was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1971. He has been a comedian, singer, songwriter, and author since 1989. Grebe studied at Berlin's Academy for Dramatic Arts, graduating in 1997. He began his career in 2000 and became a well-known fixture throughout Germany's cabarets. In 2002, Grebe and Thomas Hermanns produced the variety show "Immer Wieder Sonntags" in Hamburg's Schauspielhaus. Grebe's first album, "Das Abschiedskonzert" ("The Farewell Concert") was released in 2004. During the interim, Grebe often took part in Berlin television's "Quatsch Comedy Club." Grebe's novel "Global Fish" was published in February, 2006. In 2007, Grebe produced and presented a brand new stage show: "The Robinson-Crusoe-Concert." In addition to his solo work, Grebe performs with his band, Berlin Chapel of Reconciliation. In 2008, the group released the album "2008 to 1968." Honors 2003 - Prix Pantheon: Jury prize Fr├╝hreif & Verdorben 2004 - Public and jury prize of the small art festival of the theatre Die W├╝hlm├Ąuse in Berlin 2005 - CABINET prize in the category music 2006 - Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis: Promotion prize of the city Mainz Discography 2001 - "Solo" (No longer available.) 2004 - "Das Abschiedskonzert ("The Farewell Concert" in English.) (Songs: Miriam, Manfred, Pia, D├Ârte, Theater, Wortkarger Wolfram, Faust, 80er Jahre, Heimat, Familie Gold, Familiengl├╝ck, Hermann und Dorothea, Arbeitslos in Gr├Ânland, Planeten, Blaues Blut, Es Ist Gut, Th├╝ringen, Meine Kleine Stadt, Hans Eichel, Atlantik, Apachenjunge Lukas und Die Drei Hymnen, Alles Was Man Tut Ist Gut, Say Goodbye to the Nil, Wenn's Am Sch├Ânsten Ist) 2005 - "Rainald Grebe und die Kapelle der Vers├Âhnung" (Songs: ICE, Beckenbauer, Guido Knopp, Unterschiede, Mann ohne Gef├╝hle, Mittelm├Ą├čiger Klaus, Ich-AG, Eberhard und Emma, Er und Sie, Leg dich in die Badewanne), Brandenburg, Es ist gut, Die Fete) Literature 2006 - "Global Fish" published (S.Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt A.M.)

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