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Seoul, South Korea

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Rania are a six-member (currently performing with five members) South Korean girl group, who debuted in South Korea and was produced by Teddy Riley and DR Music. Despite being a Korean group, ex-members Joy and Data are Thai (Data is half Chinese and half Thai), ex-member Sarah is Chinese, and Riko was raised in Japan. They released their debut track "Dr. Feel Good" in 2011. All members speak fluent Korean, while Jooyi is fluent in English, Riko is fluent in Japanese, and Xia can speak some Mandarin. Before debuting, RaNia received three years worth of vocal training.
As of May 2011, Teddy Riley has officially ended his professional relationship with RaNia after taking to his Twitter to reveal that he had a fall out with RaNia's Korean record label, DR Music. Darkchild has expressed interest in working with RaNia in the future. On 16 November 2011, RaNia released their second mini album "Time To Rock Da Show", promoting the track "Pop Pop Pop". On 12 June 2012, RaNia's agency released a statement referring to member Joy's absence from the groups promotions of "Pop Pop Pop", clarifying that Joy's withdrawal from the group is not an official one.
In August 2012, Joy announced on both her Facebook and Twitter pages that she was now a "former" member of RaNia, and released a video in which she said she would be embarking on a solo career. This came after she made a string of tweets in which she expressed her loss of interest in being in RaNia, and apologized to fans.

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