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Life is sometimes only a matter of luck. Take MUSICA NUDA and the accidental encounter between Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti at the origin of this atypical duet.
Their paths crossed for the first time in 2003. Ferruccio was then a bass player in Aviontravel (a group in which he officiated from 1990 to 2006) and Petra Magoni was about to embark on a mini club tour of Tuscany where she had to sing, accompanied by one of his friends on the guitar. It is without counting on the illness that strikes the guitarist the morning of the first. Determined not to cancel the concert, Petra offers Ferruccio to replace him at short notice. This one accepts without hesitation.
The concert is such a success that the newly formed duo Voice'n'bass decides, in the weeks that follow, to put together a repertoire of songs that they like the most. The result is 'MUSICA NUDA', their first recorded album in a single day in a studio in the Pisa region. From then on the project and the group itself take the name of their first effort. IF the alchemy between the two musicians is absolutely obvious, neither Petra nor Ferrucio can imagine the incredible path they will travel in such a short time: Hundreds of dates in Italy and abroad, prestigious awards and a growing recognition from fans as well as professionals, as evidenced by their radio and television appearances in the major media within and beyond Italian borders.
Ferrucio and Petra have, over the years, put their luggage all around the world in prestigious venues such as the Olympia in Paris or the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. German spectators were also able to discover them during the Pina Bausch Tanz Wuppertal festival and in the first part of Al Jarreau during his concerts in the country.
In March 2014, they were guests of honor of the "World Theater Day" held in the Italian Senate in the presence of the President of the Chamber, Pietro Grasso.
In 12 years of existence, the duo has played more than 1000 concerts, produced 6 studio albums, 2 live discs and a DVD.
2 years after their previous release, the group is back on the international scene with a new project, culminating a 12-year successful career. Entitled "Little Wonder", the new album of Musica Nuda to be released on April 20th at Warner.

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