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Ever True (2014)

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Ana Criado’s songs are more vulnerable than butterfly wings. In her English ballads, the half Spanish, half British singer-songwriter requires only simple words and simple meanings combined with some well thought-out notes to tell her story.
Nowhere does she need to raise her voice to deliver the feelings. The moments of silence in each of her three songs hit hard. Ana Criado (Critically acclaimed by Oor) is currently studying songwriting at the Tilburg Rockacademy. To give her work a finishing touch she cooperated with composer J. Perkin of Solo. In 2005 she was invited by producer Reyn Ouwehand to records several songs in his studio in Katwijk aan Zee. Aided by drummer Marcel van As (Coparck) and bassplayer Thijs Lodewijk (Linked)

The singer’s voice is also subtly supported by an acoustic guitar, electrical piano and synthesizer. Ouwehand does not fear the big gesture and magically creates an orchestra in “Absent Friend” without placing Ana Criado in the background. “Dream Catcher” opens with just a delicate glockenspiel. The third song “Echo of Us” sounds big in its effort to give the song a small sound. “Absent Friend” can also be found on the Dutch compilation cd “Heartbreakers and Ass Shakers” made possible by the Popunie.

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