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Metanoia (2022)
Aathma (2017)
Spiritual Migration (2013)
Shin-Ken (2009)
Core (2006)
Truth Inside the Shades (2004)

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Andorra la Vella

Death Metal





2001 to Present...


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4 x Persefone - Flying Sea Dragons
4 x Persefone - Mind as Universe
4 x Persefone - The Majestic of Gaia
4 x Persefone - The Great Reality
1 x Persefone - Fall to Rise

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Hailing from Andorra, we now bring you one of the most exciting new acts on the ever-growing metal scene; Persefone.

The band was formed in 2003 and after just a year, the first album, “Truth Inside the Shades”, was recorded. Carlos Lozano (Guitar and vocals), Miguel Espinosa (Keyboards and vocals), Jordi Gorgues (guitar) and Toni Mestre (bass) parting from Death metal, through progressive passages and even acoustics, demonstrated to have a great musicality. Bands like Opeth, Borknagar, Arcturus, Symphony X or Cacophony are all a reference for this album.

Teaming up with Danish-based Intromental Management, the CD was released in 2004. The album was widely distributed and great feedback was received from the press. Persefone created their own little niche, through the original, complex, melodic and at times even aggressive metal that floated out of the speakers!

After the release, the band played a lot of local shows and began working on the second CD, “Core”, with two new members in the band: Aleix Dorca as drummer/producer and Marc Martins as vocalist. “Core” is an intense crusade in which the band relates Persephone’s story, the Greek goddess from the Underworld. A concept tribute divided on three epic passages where the band defies “Truth Inside the Shades”. The music of Persefone reached a new level of complexity, originality, virtuosity, melody and aggressiveness. Mixed and produced by Aleix Dorca and mastered in Sweden by Peter in de Betou (engineer of top bands like Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Dark Tranquility and Katatonia), “Core” shows a new, huge and modern sound.

“Core” was released in 2006 on Soundholic in Asia, and in the rest of the world by Greek label Burning Star Records in spring 2007.

Persefone played a superb set at the Dong Open Air in Germany and played a bunch of local shows, before commencing with the writing of their 3rd effort: “Shin-Ken”! The album is based upon ancient Japanese war-stories, and it’s a tour de force, down the melodic and symphonic death metal style that defines Persefone. The album was mixed and mastered at Jailhouse studios by Tommy Hansen in April 2009, and the result saw the light of day in February 2010, after which the band toured Europe as direct support to death metal heroes Obituary.

While writing, recording and mixing the 4th album that you should be listening to now, “Spiritual Migration”. Persefone had the opportunity to head out on a lengthy European tour as support band for Norwegian proggers Leprous. The tour tour took Persefone through 15 countries and 19 shows, spreading the word on this fine band and their explosive performance. So much, that Vicisolum Records immediately signed the band for a 2013 release.

“Spriritual Migration” was mixed by Jacob Hansen, at Hansen Studios in Denmark, and is a portrait of all the emotions the band has gone through within the first decade of their existence. Fine-tuning has never been a better word to describe the progression of a band, than in the case of Persefone. You simply need to hear “Spiritual Migration” to believe it.

Persefone is innovative music for the open-minded listener.

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