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Saori@destiny is a Japanese electronica artist, produced by Terukado Ōnishi, who also produces Aira Mitsuki. She made her independent debut on December 5, 2007 with the single "My Boy" and has released two studio albums and two mini-albums to date, named Japanese Chaos, Wow War Techno, World Wild 2010 and "Domestic Domain".

Saori began her musical career by performing street lives in Akihabara. She signed to D-topia Entertainment after accepted into an audition and meeting producer Terukado in Kyoto. She released two limited edition CDs, one containing the song My Boy which was the opening song for the MMORPG Secret Online in December 2007. Soon after, she then released her debut single "My Boy" which reached number 7 on the Oricon indies chart. She then released a second single entitled "Sakura" (a Kyogo Kawaguchi cover) which was released on March 26, 2008 and officially her major debut. Her first album, Japanese Chaos, was released on November 19, 2008, and shows Saori's transition from being an idol to a more underground artist. The album contains "Sakura", a new vocal mix of "My Boy" and a denpa remix of "Sayonara Revival" among other new songs.

Saori's third single, "Wow War Techno" was released on February 11 as a limited edition CD and digital download. A music video was produced for it in the style of a MAD Movie from Nico Nico Douga. An eight-track mini album, also named "Wow War Techno", was released on March 18. Since the release of Wow War Techno, she has performed a number of live shows.

She released the limited edition single Ethnic Planet Survival (エスニック・プラネット・サバイバル) through Tower Records in January 2010 and has released another limited edition single entitled "Lonely Lonely Lonely" through HMV in February. She has participated in UNICEF's Happy Birthday For Children project with hiphop group Riemann.Mic, recording a song entitled "Birthday Everyday" and releasing an accompanying promotional video.

Leading to the release of her second full-length album, "World Wild 2010", it went on to became Saori's current highest-selling album in her career, selling almost 1,000 copies, and reached the number 35 and 129 spots in the Oricon daily and weekly charts respectively. It also became available worldwide through iTunes, making it Saori@destiny's, as well as D-topia's first ever album to be released worldwide through digital distribution.

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