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Anomie Belle
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Seattle, USA

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Anomie Belle’s music reflects remnants of every place she has lived, and the many lives that have crossed her path, with periods of time in New York City, Madrid, Glasgow, Portland, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Seattle and London coloring the lens of her creative works.

Despite liberal parents and an enthusiastic childhood, the alienating crush of suburban conformity—from the ubiquitous name-brand label jeans and sneakers to strip malls and concrete sidewalks—encouraged Anomie to seek out environments where her imagination and music would flourish. After years of repression for the sake of fitting in with suburban norms, she chose the name “Anomie Belle” to represent herself as a conglomeration of “normlessness” and “beauty.”

A swirl of sexuality, spirituality, and a critical opinion of consumer culture weave through the artivist’s work—if only because it’s the one place she feels completely free to be herself. Openly identifying as queer and feminist, her music is a gentle slurry of genres known for their outspokenness and melodic brilliance: classical, trip-hop, electronica, jazz, and hip-hop. “My values are honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, and humility balanced with empowerment. I want to role model something to people through being who I am and putting the music I make out into the world.”

Layering her songwriting with cinematic programming, and painting it with organic instrumentation and electronic compliments, Anomie’s work is a spray of soundscapes piqued with her vocals: heavy percussion, strings, and a smattering of synths. A fiercely independent and feminist voice, the singer’s belief in the possibility of empowerment, the need for freedom from social labels, and the power that comes from questioning anything and everything shines through in every poetic lyric of her musical catalog.

Over the years, she has toured with Little Dragon, The Album Leaf, Tricky, Bajofondo, Sea Wolf, and others, and collaborations have seen her work with Mr. Lif, Jon Auer of The Posies, Ian Pickering of Sneaker Pimps, Trespassers William and Yppah.

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