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Sertab Erener

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Sade (2013)

Rengârenk (2010)

Sertab Goes To ... (2007)

Aşk Ölmez (2005)

No Boundaries (2004)

Turuncu (2001)

Sertab (1999)

Sertab Gibi (1997)

Lâ'l (1994)

Sakin Ol! (1992)


Istanbul, TR

Turkish Pop







Most Loved Tracks
4 x Sertab Erener - Yanarım
4 x Sertab Erener - Yanarım
4 x Sertab Erener - Kumsalda
4 x Sertab Erener - Every Way That I Can
4 x Sertab Erener - Uzaklara

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Sertab Erener (born December 4, 1964, Istanbul, Turkey) is a well-known Turkish pop star, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with Every Way That I Can in Riga, Latvia. She was originally educated professionally as an opera singer and has a well-tamed soprano voice. However, she proceeded to establish herself in popular music. Initially working with Sezen Aksu, another significant Turkish music star, she released her first album Sakin Ol in 1992, followed by Lal (1994), Sertab Gibi (1996), Sertab (1999) and Turuncu (2001). Lal was included in the "Soundtrack For A Century" collection by Sony music. Sertab Erener is also remembered for her duets with José Carreras and Ricky Martin and her single with Greek singer Mando. In 2004 she released her first English album called "No Boundaries" and a few English singles, which increased the number of her international fans. Also she made a special re-production of the album regarding the Far-East countries. Her two songs "One More Cup of Coffee" (a Bob Dylan cover) and "Here I Am" were used in international movie soundtracks. She also worked with famous musicians Desmond Child, Indonesian singer Anggun, and Belgian band Voice Male. She released Ask Olmez, another Turkish-language album in 2005 and the singles Ask Olmez, Biz Oluruz (Love never dies, we die) and a dance remix of Satilik Kalpler Sehri. There was an electronic/club remix album of some of her best-known songs ("Sertab Goes to the Club") along with Murat Uncuoglu and Aytekin Kurt in 2007. She also released her best-of album ("The Best of Sertab Erener") in 2007. By 2009, Sertab and her partner Demir Demirkan, who is known as a rock singer in Turkey, released an original album called "Painted on Water". The Painted on Water Project has its bases on the Turkish Folk Music. 14 anonymous old Turkish Folk songs are re-formed and harmonied with jazz sound. Songs are in English. The name of the project, Painted on Water, refers to a traditional Turkish painting method "Ebru", which is painted on water and then dried on a paper. Sertab released a new album named "Rengarenk" (Colorful) in 2010 to positive commentaries. This has several new songs and a couple of remixes of one of the songs. This is not similar to Painted on Water and reflects Sertab's original pop style. Her album "Ey Şûh-i Sertab" was released in April 2012. She sang Turkish Classical Music songs, which were totally arranged according to the traditional ways. Her latest album is "Sade", released in April 2013.

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