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D.H.T. (Originally Danger Hardcore Team, later renamed Dance.House.Trance) is a Belgian pop music duo, consisting of singer, Edmée Daenen (born March 25, 1985) and Flor Theeuwes (born July 28, 1976). They had a hit in the U.S. & in Australia in 2005 with their cover version of “Listen to Your Heart”, originally recorded by Roxette.

They have been one of the very few artists to crack the U.S. top 10 with a trance song and also one of the few Europeans.

D.H.T. is known in clubs around the world. Originally making and performing Happy Hardcore music, in recent years they traded their underground image and sound for something more accessible.

In 1995, D.H.T. started as a group, consisting of MC Jerky (Flor), DJ Bass, DJ Malone and others, and gained international succes in the Gabba-community. During the next years, Flor gained mainstream-succes in his homecountry Belgium and the Netherlands with projects as DJ Da Rick and Da Boy Tommy.

During 2001 Edmée Daenen joined at the age of 15, performing female vocals on record (in 2003 she joined D.H.T. on stage), and while other members of the original D.H.T. moved to the background (assuming the role of producers), Flor and Edmée are now the face of the group. The hardcore-image got an overhaul: the original logo (a yellow skull) was dropped, the abbreviation now stands for Dance House Trance instead of Danger Hardcore Team and, most importantly, the sound became radiofriendly.

Interesting to note is that, though the old DHT has a large fanbase in its homecountry Belgium, the new incarnation of DHT is unknown in Belgium and doesn’t get any media-attention or airplay.

They have released several singles in parts of Europe.

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