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Ardalan Afshar (Persian: اردلان افشار ‎; born 20 September 1984 in Tehran), better known by his stage name Nazar, is an Austrian rapper of Iranian descent from Vienna.

Nazar grew up in Vienna, Austria. His father had died as a soldier in the Iran-Iraq War, whereupon his mother fled to Austria with him and his brother. Nazar spent his youth in Vienna's district of Favoriten, where at this time he often clashed with neo-Nazis. In 2006 Nazar began his career as a rapper. At a gig near Stuttgart, he was discovered by the label Assphalt Muzik. In 2007, Nazar published several songs on the Internet, which spread quickly even outside the country.
In June 2008 the charges of robbery against him were dropped. Nazar's lawyer said his client had in the commotion "just" pulled a gun and threatened to beat the opponent.
His first official single,'Street Fighter Part 2' was the harbinger of the coming album. On 27 June 2008 he released his first studio album, 'Children of Heaven.' Previously it was the promo video for the song 'Children of the Sky.' On 10 June 2008 first seen on the German MTV in the show Total Request Live, and there is also straight to number 1 on the charts ended. With the third video, 'Presidential Election' (with Summer Cem), which appeared in 2009, it landed Nazar on the number one spot of MTV charts, for nine weeks straight, which made him one of the most famous rappers in Austria. As a result, Nazar was also gotten the Golden Penguin in the category Austro Star of the Year.
On 12 March 2010 Nazar published the album Artkore with Raf Camora.
When it was announced in the spring of 2010 that Nazar would retire from the music business, he published the next summer the song My Town, which he had made with Chakuza, Raf Camora and Kamp. On 5 September 2010 Nazar held, with these collaborative partners, a free concert, the Peko Baxant co-initiated - their track Meine Stadt is also part of the Vienna SPÖ campaign Ich Bin Vienna.
Since 6 May 2011 Nazar has been seen in the documentary Schwarzkopf by Arman T. Riahi. On 13 May he released his album Fakker, which was co-produced again by Raf Camora.

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