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Paris (real name Oscar Jackson, Jr.; born October 29, 1967 in California) is a hip hop artist from San Francisco known for his militantly confrontational rapping, and especially the controversial track ”Bush Killa.” After earning a degree in economics from University of California-Davis, Paris founded Scarface Records but released his first single with Tommy Boy Records. ”The Devil Made Me Do It” was his critically acclaimed debut 1990 LP; the title track was banned by MTV.

Paris’ 1992 follow-up, ”Sleeping With the Enemy”, was not released due to the anti-George H. W. Bush track ”Bush Killa” and the album’s insert, featuring the artist waiting behind a tree, holding an assault rifle, as the president is waving to the crowd. Unable to find a distributor, Paris released it on Scarface Records and the album was a critical success though sales were slim (but successful by independent standards, at about 400,000 units). ”Guerrilla Funk” (1994, 1994 in music) sold roughly 300,000 units, but his follow-up, ”Unleashed” drew cries of selling out with its g funk sound, though the message still was one of unity and struggle against racial discrimination.

In 2003 he resurfaced with a new label, Guerrilla Funk Recordings. His most recent album is ”Sonic Jihad” and continues his record of controversial album covers: it depicts a plane flying into the White House, and speaks on many topics, including the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, police brutality, black-on-black violence and conditions in inner-city communities. Included on the album are Kam, dead prez , and Public Enemy.

Most recently, Paris completed a project with Public Enemy, ”Rebirth of a Nation” , a title taken from the 1915 film, Birth of a Nation, a racist portrayal of African Americans after the Civil War, glorifying the Ku Klux Klan. Although Chuck D is the primary vocal performer, Paris penned the bulk of the album which also features MC Ren, Immortal Technique, and the Conscious Daughters. This album is seen as a project separate from the discography of both Paris and Public Enemy.

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