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Prisoners of the Sun
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Based in Cardiff, the band formed in early 2003 following the breakdown of a previous incarnation. Rich W (Bass and Vocals), Rich L (Drums and Percussion) and Sam (Djumbe and Percussion) had all played together before in an earlier Cardiff group formed whilst they were studying at Cardiff University, and Dav (Guitar and Vocals) was invited in to fill the last bunk in the cell.
In 2007, Rich L left to Australia to look for fame and rocks. He is now officially the most famous drummer in an area the size of the UK. The gap he left behind was filled early 2008 by Will (Drums) and Steff (Guitar).
Style-wise, the band’s sound is hard to pin down. In as small a nutshell as possible, POTS have a percussive alternative style, incorporating varying quantities of funk, folk, rock, ska, and a dash of melodic pop harmonies. Their eclecticism is partly the result of their diverse background (English, French and Welsh), which has influenced the band’s overall style and partly the result of a five-way clash of musical tastes that has generated a refreshingly different sound to the rest of the mainstream scene.
Gig-wise, PotS have also enthralled audiences in Brussels, Paris, London and Cardiff and at festivals such as the Big Green Gathering and the Blue Lagoon.
Demo-wise, their first album offers 10 original masterpieces, with striking woven melodies, haunting harmonies and a veritable bucketload of heart-on-your-sleeve emotion. The band hope to secure the services of a record label in order to lay down their tracks for commercial consumption and begin their domination of music the world over.

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