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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Anima were an experimental band from Germany who operated during the early 70's. Part of the so-called Krautroack movement, Anima (also called Anima Sound) were the duo of Limpe and Paul Fuchs, an avant-garde husband and wife team. the music they produced was very free, with hints of twisted folk and free jazz elements in a very loose 'rock' format. Their highlight is arguably the 'Stürmischer Himmel' album that came out on Ohr. 2) Anima is a German deathcore band formed in the summer of 2005 under the name of Metmachines, but soon after renamed the band into Today Heaven...s Dying until they decided on ANIMA as a band name. The band has played a large number of shows until now, gaining a lot more experience. They have released several albums. 3) Anima is a Turkish indie rock band formed in 2000 by Ceylan Ertem, Ekin Cengizkan, Murat Çopur, and Tuncay Korkmaz. The group is particularly known for their covers on stage of artists / bands like Radiohead, Björk, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jamiroquai. 4) Anima is a Greek rock group, Birthmark was also named Anima for some period in time. The streamable track "So Confused" is by the Greek group. 5) Anima is a Finnish band, whose homepage is 6) Anima is a group of Russian Orthodox singers based in Moscow who have released an eponymous album. 7) Anima is a Brazilian band which has released at least one album called Espiral Do Tempo (Spiral of Time). They play traditional Brazilian and early European music using traditional instruments such as a Brazilian fiddle caled rabeca, recorders, harpsichord and Middle Eastern percussion. 8) Anima is a Russian dark ambient/electro ensemble, since ca. 2004 called Senmuth Major releases under the Anima name: Technogen Gothic, Infernoteque, Qemt, The Best Of Anima. The project originating from Moscow, started creative activity in 1996. Brainchild of Av (lyrics, music, this is Senmuth), with collaboration of Set'g (guitar), Romario, Dan Pa and others. Managed by Victor Rybakov. They released a dozen albums and 6 professionally mounted videos, one of which ("Tvoi Put" - "Your Way") was shown on MTV. The group was one of five the best in the competition programme for "Radio 2000". Some albums received positive reviews in leading publication about rock music, "Dark City". From the very beginning the project focused on hard industrial sound with rich and dense arrangement, and an addition of ethnic and symphonic elements, mixed with live guitar and keyboard parts, giving Anima's music 100% original and recognisable tone. The target audience is defined as an educated, socially active and intellectually developed part of young and mature people, capable of critical analysis of surrounding reality, able to withstand imposed priorities and the impact of the media. Currently the group is working on the new material about one of the oldest civilisations on Earth, full of atmospheric and ethnic, enchanting tones (this is Qemt). The work is consulted with experts - historians, culture scientists, and linguists. The project won't include photos of the members, as they prefer to remain incognito. They use specific design disks and album processing, which underscores their individuality and difference from the other projects. The design is on behalf of Moscow-based Animart Studio. CD production and retail is provided by rock music shop Metallurg (Gorbushkin House). So far, no major publishing company showed interest in Anima's art, but this is just a matter of time, as the band's potential is great. 9) Anima is an atmospheric metal band from Kikinda, Serbia ( consisting of members Marko Andjelic (bass guitar, vocals), Vanja Grastic (guitar, backing vocals), Janko Petrovic (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Vladislav Zijan (keyboard, synths) and Imre Nemet (drums). The band released so far three records "Spasenje" (2008), "Zima kada cvetaju ruže" (Demo, 2005) and "Armadillo" (Demo, 2004). "Spasenje" can be downloaded for free (authorised by the band, see myspace). 10) Anima is a metal band from Bogotá, Colombia formed in 1997. 11) Anima is a group formed by Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder, who create emotionally stirring music soundscapes inspired by Nature's ancient wisdom and the light encoded frequencies of the stars. Their music soothes, heals and uplifts the heart through its deep sacredness and nurturing sounds. "Powerful and hauntingly beautiful", Anima's music is infused with sacred energy and inspirational lyrics; blending ethereal vocals, crystal bowls and flutes with didgeridoo, medicine drums and guitar, amidst spacious soundscapes and deep fluid textures. 12) Anima is an Indonesian pop band. 13) Anima was a Swedish avant-garde jazz fusion trio who released one album, Pieces of Glass, in the mid 80s. 14) Anima is an italian depressive black metal band from Grosseto, Tuscany. They have released one EP "Ænigmatic Journey" in 2013. 15) AnimA is an English punk band from Southampton, England. The band were infamous for having a robotic drummer. They broke up in 2007.

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