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Unknown venue, France, Paris (06/Apr/2019)
Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin, Netherlands, Amsterdam (07/Apr/2019)
The Hall, Elsewhere, US, Brooklyn (19/Apr/2019)
The Bowery Ballroom, US, New York (21/Apr/2019)
The Sinclair, US, Cambridge (22/Apr/2019)

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iamamiwhoami is an electronic music and multimedia project headlined by Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and co-produced with Claes Björklund. Starting in December 2009, music videos have been released in four series from the project's YouTube channel, with complementary digital downloads becoming available through online retailers. They have performed two concert shows, one broadcast via their website, To Whom It May Concern, whilst the other formed part of the 2011 Way Out West Festival. They are currently embarking on a European tour for their first album, kin in 2012. Critically well-received, the music and videos, containing elements of several electronic sub-genres such as ambient, synthpop, dream pop and trip hop have spread virally and have garnered much attention.
In an interview with The Guardian magazine published in August 2012, Lee defined iamamiwhoami as a "multimedia 'entity' - one which, alongside her and music producer Claes Björklund, includes directors, designers and close friends." Lee has also stated that she "didn't really know what she wanted iamamiwhoami to be, hence the moniker." She described the process of creating her first album kin as "nine months of hard labour" and that it was "always going to be [her] baby."
iamamiwhoami's first studio album kin, an audiovisual release, was released on 11 June 2012 through the project's own label To Whom It May Concern, in conjunction with the British Cooperative Music. She is managed by the UK-based D.E.F. Management. iamamiwhoami is notable not only for her artistic multimedia output, but also the creators' leveraging of social technology (YouTube) and phenomena (viral videos to disseminate their music and music videos).

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