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Rajinder Singh Rai: born in Coventry, England), better known by his stage name Panjabi MC is a British Indian musician. He is best known for the worldwide bhangra hit "Mundian To Bach Ke" (1998).
Rajinder Singh adopted his stage name from the Punjabi language he used in the music he plays and raps. "One of [his] main goals is to fuse the two worlds [of bhangra and hip-hop]."
Nachural Records signed Panjabi MC following a remix of Kuldeep Manak's "Ghariah Milan De". Although the single was taken off the market, Panjabi MC continued making records. Another successful release was "Mundian To Bach Ke" ("Beware of the Boys") (1998; it first appeared on the album Legalised) which mixed the theme of the TV series Knight Rider with bhangra. An underground hit on the internet, it was picked up by the German record label Superstar Recordings, and became a hit in Germany and across Europe, including the UK. A version of this recording in 2003 featured American rapper Jay-Z named "Beware of the Boys".
His work, particularly the early singles and the "Mundian To Bach Ke" remix with Jay-Z, brought bhangra to a global audience via the BBC. He continues to produce music and is ever popular as a collaborator and remixer. In 2004 he made music called Mirza and mixed this song with Turkish singer Mustafa Sandal's Isyankar, but they did not release the mixed version.
His album Indian Timing was released in 2008.
His music video "Snake Charmer" was screened at Deejay Ra's music video night in Toronto at the FILMI festival, North America's longest running South Asian film festival.

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