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First Released

Calendar Icon 2008


Genre Icon Indie


Mood Icon Energetic


Style Icon Rock/Pop


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Speed Icon Medium

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Speed Icon Polydor

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Off with Their Heads is the third album by English rock band Kaiser Chiefs, and was released on 20 October 2008 in the UK, and on 25 August 2009 in the United States. The first single from the album was "Never Miss a Beat", released two weeks before the album. The album charted at number two on the UK Albums Chart during the week of 26 October 2008 and at number 16 in the Irish Albums Chart of the week of 24 October.
The album features guest appearances from several artists, including Lily Allen who provides backing vocals on "Always Happens Like That" and "Never Miss a Beat". She previously covered "Oh My God" on her first mixtape and later with Mark Ronson on his album Version. Three members of the English indie band New Young Pony Club also feature on backing vocals on "Never Miss a Beat", Sway DaSafo raps one verse of "Half the Truth", and James Bond composer David Arnold, who performed with the band at 2007's BBC Electric Proms, also appears on the album.
"Never Miss a Beat" and "You Want History" premiered on the band's UK Arena Tour in the Winter of 2007. The lyric "Off with their heads" appears in the first verse of "Like It Too Much". The album was uploaded with 30 second previews of each song, apart from "Never Miss a Beat" which included a full recording, on the music social networking site on 9 October 2008. "Never Miss A Beat" appeared on Pro Evolution 2010, as did previous single Ruby, from Yours Truly, Angry Mob.
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Album Review
Clever boys these Kaisers. Ditching a US tour last year they realised that, as Paddy McAloon once said, "absence makes the heart lose weight". In other words too long without any word could cost them the fanbase that's seen them become the UK's indie court jesters: funny, feisty and determined not to take all this star claptrap too seriously. Unlike Franz Ferdinand, who in making us wait until next year for their latest offering of uber cool, may have like, blown it, man - The Chiefs realise that it's better to remain visible, even if Off With Their heads doesn't really do more than remind you that they're a great pop rock act with a mission to make you sing their songs.
The album still has a fairly serious line-up, buffing it up and keeping it all part of the zeitgeist. Lily Allen On backing vocals, David Arnold arranging the strings, Sway adding some verbals to Half The Truth and, above all, Mark Ronson sharing desk duties.
Luckily, anyone fearing that Ronson would cover the Kaiser's sound with swathes of inappropriate faux-60s horn action will be relieved. Instead he's broadedned the palette a touch, at least adding an approximation of sophistication: 70s glam strings wash over Like It Too Much and buzzing synths on unashamed 'cheese' settings throughout. The guitar edges are a tad blunted, but it won't make a difference when these songs are delivered live. And for the requisite sensitive moment, final track, Remember You're A Girl, has drummer Nick Hodgson stepping up to the mic and actually providing the album's most affecting moment. It's hardly a new direction, but it guarantees that Leeds' finest stay ahead of the game for at least another year.
Charges of cultural tourism i.e: sneering at the lower classes - which were started with I Predict A Riot - are given further fuel by the first single, Never Miss A Beat, with its great line, "What do you want for tea? I want crisps". But to label the band as right wing hooligans is utterly misguided. Depth or political agendas were never their forte. Scratch the surface of Off With Their Heads and you find little more than great sounding couplets that make for wonderful sing along choruses.
If you want profundity you'll be listening to Bloc Party or Radiohead. Ricky and his gang just want you to know that they're still around and certainly aren't going away quite yet. So, while they're here let's just enjoy some great pop, eh?
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