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"Fever" is a single released by Cascada from their album Evacuate the Dancefloor. It was released as the second single from the album, inititally in Germany on October 9, 2009, with various other countries following suit. In the United Kingdom it served as the third single from the album (following 'Dangerous', which was selected as the second single there).

"Fever", by Cascada, is an uptempo electropop song that displays Cascada's transition into the electropop music field featuring a standard dance music beat with electropop synths. It is also the only song on the Evacuate The Dancefloor album that has profanity, though the one occasion where this happens is bleeped out. It has a moderate dance groove and it is composed in the key of D minor with a tempo of 128 beats per minute.

It was mentioned on the Official Cascada Twitter page that a video was shot at the end of July, but the identity of the track was kept secret at the time. The video was finally revealed as "Fever" and had its official premiere on German TV station Viva on September 17, 2009.

The video begins with several still shots of an office building, and singer Natalie Horler and two entourage walking inside. Horler, wearing a navy blazer with a pink corset, stockings and pink ballerina-style black high heels and holding a cane, and her two backup dancers walk past a businesswoman who is having trouble holding several books and papers. Horler knocks over what she is carrying, and her papers flutter down several flights of stairs. She walks into a business meeting, and angrily hits her cane on the table while her entourage destroy several posters of Horler labeled "beauty" and "princess". She crawls across the table, and the video cuts to Horler and her two dancers on a stage in the office lobby, dancing while attracting the attention of everyone passing through the room. This scene is shown throughout the video. Horler is also shown in several scenes chair dancing with her backup dancers and also lying on pink chiffon. In the meeting room, Horler continues to crawl across the table, grabbing a businessman by his tie and pushing him back in his chair and also throwing a glass of water into the face of one businesswoman. Horler then takes a businessman's papers and throws them in the air while her backup dancers cause havoc by pouring a liquid on a man's head and begin to kiss one of the businesswomen. In the third verse of the song, the video cuts into slow motion, and towards the end of the verse, Horler pulls out a can of hairspray from a bag on the table and sets the scattered papers across the table and everything else in the room on fire while the businesspeople evacuate the room.

The video began to receive airplay on UK music channels on November 4, 2009.

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