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Error with artist name, and MusicBrainz

Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:43 pm

I just created an account here and wanted to add albums for artist "Taeyeon", but when I tried to do so, said "this artist doesn't exist." I searched a topic here on the forums, and other user with a different artist experienced the same problem, because the artist had as a name "A" here, and "B" as alternative name, but on MusicBrainz, "B" was the name, and "A" the alternative one, so he added a new artist here on TheAudioDB. I did the same, and added Taeyeon as a new artist, but with her name written on Korean, as in her MusicBrainz profile. The thing is, now it seems like I can add albums to her first artist page here. the one with her name written in English. I would appreciate if someone who knows more than me about this site would help me to solve this duplicate error, like deleting the artist page I added (태연), since it seems now I can add the albums on the artist page "Taeyeon".

This is the artist page that I tried to add albums to, but wasn't able to.

And this is the one I just created to add albums, using the same name used on MusicBrainz.

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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