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Artist Biography
Bang Camaro is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Founded by guitarists Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea in 2005, it is composed of members of various indie rock bands from the area. In 2009, the group is signed with Black Sword Records, 8th Impression Music, and Fontana/Universal.


"Break-up" (2009) and "reunion" (2010):
It was widely believed that Bang Camaro broke up after performing at Game Unicon 2009 in Marlboro, MA, or after their performances at Rocklahoma 2009 in Norman, OK, and had their final performance in December 2009 in Boston, MA. Founder and rhythm guitarist Alex Necochea addressed their broken-up status as ultimately incorrect on the band's official blog in the weeks leading up to their fall 2010 show in Boston, MA.

Musical style and influences:
The band is composed of a bassist, a drummer, 2 guitarists, and a lead singer complement which comprises anywhere from eight to twelve vocalists. Their style is similar to late '70s-80s glam and anthem rock music. The basic song structure highlights catchy choruses and integrates frequent guitar solos.
The band cite Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, plus metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Skid Row, Def Leppard, and Dokken, as influences. Discussing their anthem rock style, band member Alex Necochea said, "We're really not heavy metal. I think our focus is more on writing great singles, as best as we can make them. That's just something Bryn and I grew up on. We're big fans of melody and big driving hooks, that sort of thing."

Band members:

Current members
Alex Necochea - rhythm/lead guitar,
Bryn Bennett - lead guitar,
Dave "Doz" Riley - bass guitar,
Rodrigo Van Stoli - vocals,
Morgan Brown - vocals,
Nick Given - vocals,
Richie Hoss - vocals,
Glen Fant - vocals,
Steve Trombley - vocals,
Mike Soltoff - vocals,
Zach Given - vocals,
Jake Given - vocals,
Jay Clifford - vocals,
Andre Coles - vocals,
Dick Valentine - vocals,
Seth Kasper - drums,

Past members
Peter McCarthy - drums,
Andy Dole - drums,
Dylan Halacy - drums,
Graeme Hall - vocals,
Sean Barry - vocals,
Jay Marsh - vocals,
Keith Wales - vocals,
James Fant - vocals,
Justin Buckley - vocals,
Maclaine Diemer - guitar, keyboards,
Mike Oor - guitar,
Max Heinegg - vocals,
Mike McKay - vocals,
Nate Wells - vocals,
Robb Waters - vocals,
Christopher Pappas - vocals

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