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Eighteen Visions was founded in October 1995 by James Hart, Dave Peters, Billy Sisler, and Kenneth Floyd under the name "Macabre". The band wrote a bit of material and started to play shows, beginning at the "Koo's Cafe" in early 1996, in their local area. Soon after a second guitarist, Jeff Boullt (from Excessive Force), was added to the mix, and in March, Billy left the group and was replaced by Richie Taylor. Richie only lasted a short while, and Javier Van Huss soon took over the bass duties. Later in the year, Jeff also left the band, and Brandan Schieppati was added to complete a first stable line-up.
Their debut release, Lifeless was released on Life Sentence Records in 1997. Shortly after, Dave Peters left the band to join Throwdown. Steve Parilla replaced him for the ep's tour, and rumors of the band breaking up started to circulate, but were soon halted when the first full length album, Yesterday Is Time Killed was announced to be released on Cedargate Records (the label of Zac Phelps, who was at the time a temporary bassist in the band) in February 1999. The band was brought to the attention Trustkill Records, which was still in its early beginnings. The label released the No Time for Love 7" in October 1999. Keith Barney then joined the band to replace Steve and ten months after the 7", their second full length Until the Ink Runs Out was released. It became one of the label's best selling albums, which led to a lot of the band's earlier material getting bought out and going out of print. Javier was asked to leave the band after touring for the album, and was told he would be replaced by Mick Morris of the band xClearx. Javier played two remaining shows with the band and went on to tour for Poison the Well.

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