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Lana Jurčević
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Zagreb, Croatia



2003 to Present...

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Croatia Records

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Lana Jurčević (born November 7, 1984) is a singer-songwriter born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her self-titled debut album was released in 2003, with all of the songs on the album written by Milana Vlaović. In her young career she has already worked with Milana Vlaović, Nikša Bratoš, Ante Pecotić, Muc Softić and Severina, with whom she sang a duet called "Rodjena da budem prva". Along with her musical career, she is also student of journalism in Zagreb, where she resides today.Lana was born on November 8, 1984 in Zagreb, Croatia to a Croatian father Damir from Tomislavgrad and a Bosniak-Montenegrin mother Esma (née Karaselimović). At an early age, she had a passion for singing, and thought she would eventually become a singer.In 2003 at the beginning of her musical career, Jurčević released her first album, Lana, titled by her first name. It features songs such as "Odlaziš", "Otkad te nema", "Najbolja glumica", "Ovo nije istina", and "Pravi razlog", on the Croatia Records label. In 2004, she sang the song "Odlazis"(You're leaving) at the Croatian Radio Festival. She has also competed and performed in the HRT Dora Eurosong pre-selection in 2004, with the song "Prava istina". In 2005, her song "Ovo nije istina" (This Isn't Real) won 24sata's award for most interesting performer at the Croatian Radio Festival.In 2006, Jurčević released her second album, 1 Razlog, published by Hit Records, that features a song performed by Boris Đurđević from Colonia. In 2006, she sang a duet at the Croatian Radio Festival with Luka Nižetić called "Prava ljubav" which became very popular in Croatia and Ex-Yugoslavia. In 2007, she performed "Okovi na srcu", and performed "1 Razlog" at Eurofest 2007. She competed again in the HRT Dora Eurosong pre-selection in 2006 with the song "Najbolja glumica". Lana performed in Sunčane Skale, a European festival, with her song "Ljubav nije greska", and came in 12th place. She appeared in the TV show Nad lipom 35, playing herself, on April 15, 2007.Later, in 2008, she released many singles, such as "Pronadi me", "Marija", and "Miljama Daleko". Following this, she released her third album, Volim biti zaljubljena. One of the songs was used for the campaign "Cross cervical cancer and breast cancer" that raised a lot of money to fund this. The next year, in 2009, she released a religious song, "Djetesce nam se rodilo", about the birth of Jesus Christ. At the Croatian Radio Festival in 2008, she performed "Zora Bijela". In 2009, she performed the song "Zacaran". She performed on Ples za zvijezdama, the Croatian version of Dancing with the Stars and came in 2nd place.In March 2010, she released another single, Kopija. In May 2011, she visited Belgrade and recorded shows for Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovenia, performing the last song of her album Kopija, "Ubile usne moje". In 2012, she released a fourth album Pobjede i porazi.Ludo Ljeto is lana Jurčević's song published 2015.Lana lives in a flat in Zagreb. She completed senior year of journalism at Zagreb University. In September 2010, she opened her own dance studio in Zagreb, LA Studio.

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