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L'Orchestre de Contrebasses
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Created in 1981, by Christian Gentet, the Orchestra of Contrebasses represents today a step of musical creation of the most original and carrying a new style in the current music. This lively music finds an international resonance, thanks to an orchestrated concert of lights and surprising sounds. The Orchestra de Conbasses brings together 6 virtuosos, composers and performers. These musicians accompany the gesture, the note: they compose a new repertoire where the music leaves the beaten track, where the contrabass pushed to its extreme limits becomes sensual, charming and magical, where one surprises oneself to dream all along a musical and spontaneous journey.
Coming from very different horizons, from contemporary music to jazz and classical music, these eight alternating double bassists (six on stage) are the linchpin of the French music scene, we recognize Jean-Phippe Viret alongside Stéphane Grapelli , Didier Lockwood or Richard Galliano, Yves Torchinsky in the National Jazz Orchestra but also with Vincent Delerme and Renaud, Gregoire Dubruel with Agnès Jaoui, Olivier Moret with Jérôme Savary and William Scheller, Etienne Roumanet at the Orchester de Paris, Christian Gentet with Alan Stivell or Angel Parra, Xavier Lugué with Victor Lazlo and Leonardo Terrugi alongside Juan Jose Mosalini.
"The Double Bass Orchestra is a unique group in the world. Their game is circus, version Zingaro, musical show, version Aperghis, furnished choreography, never gag, always music. The most surprising is that with these assets: the immediately spectacular side of the double bass, this monstrosity of the gesture and the chest, the care taken to movements, postures, lighting from one end to the other, the music remains at this point in the forefront. Music, what music? All the possible ideas of the music - classical, contemporary, jazz, world, rock - simply in the idea that the double bass awaits. We dare not look at a double bass from the front. We never dare to watch the big ones. It is compared to a giant, an elephant. She has the grace, the mobility. It is a moment of childhood without baseness, listening to the world, listening to everyone to achieve this lightness, this degree of presence. A child who sees this is a musician forever. " * Francis Marmande, The World

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