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Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands
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In 1996, conductor Pieter Jan Leusink founded The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands, consisting of musicians who specialize in the performance practice of baroque music. The passionate musicians play authentic instruments from this style period, resulting in a specific timbre of the baroque orchestra. The orchestra's mood is lowered by a semitone than with a modern orchestra: A = 415Hz instead of A = 440Hz.
Authentic instruments from the classical style period are also used in the performances of, among others, Mozart's Requiem. Here the vote is A = 430 Hz. Conductor Pieter Jan Leusink and his musicians are constantly searching for the ultimate interpretations of Bach's compositions in particular. The traditional performances of Bach's Matthäus Passion have become the most visited in the Netherlands with 40,000 visitors annually.
In 2006, a professional choir was added to the orchestra: The Bach Choir of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this is the only baroque company that works with a permanent staff and in this way has become one of the leading choirs in the international performance practice of early music. With more than 80 concerts every year, The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands conducted by conductor Pieter Jan Leusink has become an important provider of classical concerts in the Dutch music world.
The enormous flexibility of both musicians and singers contributes to the great differentiation in programming. From Bach's Matthäus Passion is effortlessly switched to Mozart's Requiem and with both the world famous Misereri May of Allegri and Fauré's Requiem musically the same flexibility is shown.
During the concerts there is a great involvement of the musicians and singers who provide performances that are sparkling, full of emotion and spirituality and with an unprecedented loyalty to the compositions that are performed. Last but not least, the hand of artistic leader and conductor Pieter Jan Leusink is visible here.
The Bach Orchestra of the Netherlands, led by Pieter Jan Leusink, participated in more than 100 CD recordings in which the complete recordings of Bach's 200 Cantatas in the Bach Memorial Year 2000 are the most striking. With a record sales of more than 6 million copies, this production can be counted as one of the most successful in classical music history. In 2001 the company received a platinum CD.
The recording of Bach's Matthäus Passion was also appreciated by a large audience. For more than 100,000 copies sold, a gold CD was received.

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