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Originally from Utah, Anna Madsen currently calls New Hampshire home. Taking
inspiration from classic romanticism, fairy tales, and her personal
experiences, Anna uses story telling through music as a way to create worlds
that listeners can enter and completely absorb.

Musically, Anna has been described as "Lana Del Rey meets Kate Bush meets
Enya," but ultimately her music is completely her own and expands beyond one
genre. Her influences include classical composers, church hymns from her
childhood, world music, and modern Alternative Rock and Folk / Americana.

She released her debut EP, "Palm Reader," in October 2015. It quickly
garnered positive reviews. The blog site called "Palm Reader"
the "most creative and spectacular album of the year." In a lengthy review
on, Russ Elliot called the record "stunning" and
awarded it a Best of the Year for 2015. And Michael Witthaus, writing in the
New Hampshire entertainment paper, The Hippo, stated that "Madsen is a
brilliant song crafter. 'Palm Reader' is bathed in an ethereal glow." The EP
was included in The Hippo's list of best local releases for 2015.

August 2015 saw Anna acting in the motion picture, Granite Orpheus. The
film's soundtrack features Anna's song, "Palm Reader" as well as an Anna
Madsen/Alex Preston duet, "I Would Save You."

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