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My Little Cheap Dictaphone
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Liege, Belgian

2002 to Present...

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MLCD is a Belgian rock band.

Originally from Liège, their first album Music Drama was produced by Mike Mogis from the American band Bright Eyes, their second, Small town boy, by Niek Meul from Das Pop.

In 2010 is released in Belgium The Tragic Tale of a Genius, close to an opera indie rock, with symphonic arrangements and Live show (set and videos) directed by Bubble Duchesse.
The album is dedicated in the European press (4 stars in the Inrocks, Rock and Folk, Le Soir, Telemoustique, De Morgen) and even across the Channel (Album of the Week in SUNDAY TIMES) and beyond Atlantic.

Their song What are you waiting For (featuring Jonathan Donahue, singer of the American group Mercury Rev) has been taken over for many pubs and video games, including Little Big Planet 2 on PS2.

In 2014, released "The Smoke Behind The Sound", a mature album produced by Luuk Cox (Shameboy, Stromae, Girls in Hawaii), carried by the song "FIRE" and his poignant clip, directed by Nicolas Guiot (César and Magritte Of the best short film), and with the Belgian actress Pauline Étienne (Magritte of the Best Actress)

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