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İzel Çeliköz (born April 29, 1969 in Yalova), commonly known as İzel, is a Turkish pop singer. She was originally part of the Turkish pop trio İzel-Çelik-Ercan which represented Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest 1991, but after the group broke up in 1993, she decided to release solo albums. She is one of the most successful Turkish singers of the 1990s and 2000s.
After deciding to start releasing solo albums, İzel released her solo debut album titled Adak. In 1997, İzel released her second solo album titled Emanet which featured Mustafa Sandal on the opening track as well as listing him as a producer. She originally wanted the album to be produced by Ercan Saatçi and Aykut Gürel, but could not convince them to work together. In 1999, İzel released her third album Bir Küçük Aşk. In this album, she worked with young composer Altan Çetin. All of the songs were written by Altan Çetin. The album closely sold 500.000 copies and created a successful career for her. In 2001, her fourth album Bebek was released. It was the second time that she was working with Altan Çetin. All of the songs were written by Altan Çetin. For the album, İzel tried arabesque music in some songs. In 2003, İzel released her fifth album Şak. In 2005, İzel released her sixth album Bir Dilek Tut Benim İçin. While she was working for Emel Müftüoğlu's album, she met Sezen Aksu and her present arranger Sinan Akçıl. She vocalized three Sezen Aksu songs in her own album. Also, Sinan Akçıl produced the album.
In 2007, her seventh album Işıklı Yol was released. Sinan Akçıl produced the album.
Now, İzel is working on her new album. Up to now, her all albums have sold more than 2 million copies.

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