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Diane Zeigler emerged on the national folk scene in the early nineties, and over the course of several years she built a strong following throughout New England and beyond. In 1995 Rounder Records released her debut CD, Sting of the Honeybee. Shortly after her debut was released, however, Diane learned that she was pregnant with her first child. After taking a hard look at her priorities, she decided to shelve her music career and make a 100% commitment to her family. She canceled all tour plans to promote her CD and moved back to her home state of Vermont to concentrate on mothering, convinced that she would never perform again. "I left music in part because I just couldn't find a role model out there in the music community who was successfully juggling a musical career and early motherhood. I felt it was important that my kids receive the best possible start in life, and I knew that meant that I couldn't subject them to being without me for extended periods of time." Diane gave birth to Nell in 1996, and Jaimen was born in 1998. She has pursued mothering with the same passion that she once put into her music, but has come to realize that dedication to her family must include some expression of herself as an artist as well. "After a few years, it struck me that I was denying them by denying myself." Since returning to music, she has released These are the Roots (2000), Paintbrush (2002), and December in Vermont in 2004. She has won awards at Kerrville, Rocky Mountain Folks, and Telluride festivals. Zeigler's work has been also been featured on many compilation projects for both major and independent labels including Rounder Records, Sony Music, National Geographic Magazine, Yankee Magazine and others. She performs both as a solo act and with bandmates: husband/bassist/co-producer Geoff Sather and dobroist Adam Frehm. For more about Ms. Zeigler, please see her official website at

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